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NASA map of the world at night showing very large areas without a single light
Why Blue Shark Power?

Blue Shark Power has been created by people who believe in the necessity to change the way our energy is generated and distributed around the world.

Global warming is rising, natural disasters are coming and our planet is coughing. Ice from the Arctic pole is melting, releasing an huge amount of methane gas in the atmosphere which was kept in the permafrost since millions of years. Subsequently, the level of the oceans is rising and threatening several large coastal cities or islands everywhere in the world for the years to come.

At the same time many parts of the world do not have any access to basic energy, basic economic development and basic human needs. A map of the world at night is showing very large areas without a single light.

Tidal and current energy may represent a valid solution to supply energy to many areas of the world. This is why we made a low cost and reliable hydro kinetic solution, to enable emerging economies to implement on grid and off grid power plants, with a complete solution including storage batteries devices and smart grid management, near any area where we can find a river or tide.

Knowing water density is 860 time stronger than air density, we have developed two different technologies based on the same principles, which represents a technological breakthrough in hydro kinetic industry. Our short and strong blades are surrounded by diffusers creating a conversion of 70% of the work of our turbines. This is why we are able to produce 850 KW with our marine device and up to 700 KW with our river device.

Devices are pollution free and wild life has to be protected during our installations and operations. This is our philosophy.

Our company is social business based and we can work on any financing arrangement with developing countries needs.

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